Adventure Racing (AR):

Adventure racing is a sport in which teams must navigate a course of checkpoints using various non-motorized means. Races are usually held in wilderness settings and the traditional events include mountain biking, canoeing, and trekking. Navigation is accomplished through the use of a compass and topographic maps and the route choice between checkpoints is usually not specified, meaning that teams are generally free choose their path from one checkpoint to another. Because of this navigational aspect, successful adventure racers aren't always the fastest and fittest teams, but the teams that minimize mistakes, navigate efficiently, and make good decisions out on the course.

              Adventure Race Clinics

Currently we do not have any clinics planned.  If you would be interested in an AR Clinic in 2017, email us and let us know

Intro to AR - Overview

The Intro to AR clinic will be held after the Topo Summer Trail Run at Mitchell Memorial Forest as part of Adventure Fest. The clinic will be held in conjunction with an Orienteering Cincinnati (Ocin)event. There will be a small fee to use your newly acquired navigation skills on the OCin course.

Topics include:

 What is adventure racing?
 Types of Races
 Clothing & Equipment
 Building a team

Located at Mitchell Memorial Forest

5401 Mt Zion Road

Cleves, OH 45002

Google map to Mitchell Memorial: HERE