The Cincinnati Urban AR Required Gear List

The following is the minimum required gear list for The Cincinnati Urban AR. Solo racers must carry both the individual gear as well as the team gear.

Individual Gear (required at all times)

• Hydration System, minimum 32oz. (may be bladder and/or bottles)

Team Gear (required at all times)

• Maps (provided to you on race day)
• Checkpoint Clue Sheet (provided to you on race day)
• Map Case (large ziploc bag is acceptable)
• Writing utensil (fine-tipped Sharpie is recommended)
• Cell phone
• Digital Camera (cell phone with picture capabilities is fine)
• Dry bag for cell phone

Biking Gear - Individual (required during all biking sections)

• Bike (Mountain Bike, Road Bike, and Hybrid are all acceptable)
• Biking Helmet
• Spare Tube

Biking Gear - Team (required during all biking sections)

• Tire Levers
• Allen Wrench Set
• Inflation Device (pump or CO2 cartridges)
Bike Lock for all bikes on your team

Please contact us with any questions you may have.